Windows On The Intel Mac

Will Shipley has posted about a bounty for the first person to get Windows to successfully boot on an Intel Mac. When I first heard about Apple switching to Intel chips I immediately thought: “Wow! Linux, Windows, and OS X on one machine! That would be computer utopia!”. Unfortunately Apple decided to use the EFI instead of BIOS, so Windows XP wont boot on the current Intel Macs (Windows Vista might boot though…). It’ll be interesting to see if this is possible and if it ends up being accomplished.

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10.4: Ignore Ownership?

I noticed this new feature in OS X 10.4, there is now an option to ‘Ignore Ownership on this Volume’. While working on a project that involved changing permissions, I was having trouble since no errors were being reporting from the functions that were changing the permissions, but the permissions were not being changed. I finally figured out that it was the Ignoring Ownership ‘feature’ that was causing this problem. As far as I can tell changing ownership on a file/folder in a volume that has that enabled will not really change the permissions, and no error will be reported. I dont understand what the point of this ‘feature’ is, but now I understand were my confusion in this permission problem was coming from! 🙂

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Apple + Intel

I never thought it would happen, but I’m happy it did! Apple is officially switching to Intel processors. I think this is a very good move for Apple, this will allow them to put faster, cheaper processors into Macs. According to the information on the WWDC keynote, developers wont have to do much at all to make their Cocoa based apps work on Intel processors; I’m pretty amazed Apple could pull this off.

Most Windows/Linux users are probobly thinking “Now I can run os x on my Dell.” I would suggest that Apple, to the best of their ability, will make this impossible to do. x86 based os x will most likely only run on Apple branded Intel boxes; which I believe is a good thing, most of Windows’ problems stem from incompatibility in different hardware configurations.

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I’ve been looking at iPodLinux for awhile now wanting to put it on my 4g iPod, unfortunately iPodLinux does not officially support the 4g’s yet and from looking at previous posts on the iPodLinux forums they will not offer help if can’t figure out how to install it from their directions on their web-site; which were a little too vague for me. Somebody put together exactly the type of directions I was looking for which made it easy, actually almost too easy to install it on my iPod. Thanks to exDev for the great directions!

Its pretty cool to have linux on my iPod, the iPodLinux team did a great job on this software- but it’s not near finished. Music plays in ultra slow-motion, there seems to be some bugs with the contrast and click wheel settings on startup. Luckily, you can easily switch from iPodLinux and Apples software. iPodLinux has great games however, much better that Apples brick and solitaire, and the file browser is very cool. If you have an iPod i’d highly recommend trying iPodLinux out!

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