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Fixing Bundler Issues After a macOS Sierra Upgrade

I recently upgraded my laptop, and with that came setting up a fresh dev machine. With a fresh install always comes with a set of development configuration problems. Here’s some tips of resolving ruby bundler issues in MacOS Sierra. These tips assume you are using dotfiles that look similar to these. Also, I prefer fresh installs, so I never pull config from my old machine/OS. These fixes may not work if you are migrating configuration from a previous OS. For any of the fixes outlined below: Adjust the version strings based on your project If you do not have bundler’s shared gems disabled, then you can omit the –install-dir directives. An error occurred while installing pg (0.18.4), and Bundler cannot continue…

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Fixing Invalid DATABASE_URL Reference on CircleCI

I’ve become a huge fan of CircleCI—it’s the best CI tool for small-medium projects that I’ve found. Recently I ran into an issue setting up a new rails project with Postgres as the database backend with circle: However, when I looked at my database.yml the constant DATABASE_URL was clearly not being used. DATABASE_URL was properly being used as the lookup string for an ENV reference: I was stumped for a while until I ssh’d into circle and noticed that somehow the single quotes were stripped from DATABASE_URL: Circle’s build inference process involves generating a database.yml file which uses the original database.yml file to some extent…

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MacRuby 0.12, RVM, and Gem Installation Problems

I recently jumped back into a MacRuby project that I haven’t touched in a while. I upgraded to the latest MacRuby 0.12, installed the necessary gems via macgem install, and was presented with this error:[code]Segmentation fault: 11[/code] Since I started this project my ruby setup had drastically changed: RVM, custom irbrc, and lots of other tools that I’ve found essential for productive rails development had been installed. I noticed that macgem list –local returned the list of gems needed for my rails project. Running env from the command line revealed that GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH were set explicitly in my bash env, a result of having RVM installed and a non-system ruby set as default…

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