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Re-learning Modern PHP

A while back, I ran into Monica (a sort of fancy address book). I started to use and self-host the project as part of tinkering with my raspberry pi and then wanted to make a couple of improvements to the project. This was a good excuse to explore the PHP world and see how things have evolved since I touched the language over a decade ago. I’m surprised to say this, but working with PHP was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. The language and tooling have evolved nicely over the years. If I was forced to use PHP as my daily driver, I wouldn’t be too disappointed!..

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Install PHP with PNG Support on Apache in Yosemite

Yosemite comes with Apache + PHP out of the box, but its PHP binary is a bit handicapped. It doesn’t come with built in PNG support. This causes issues if you are developing WordPress sites: resizing PNG images will silently fail. If you have custom image sizes set in your WordPress theme, they will not be created at all if PHP is not compiled with PNG support. Here’s how to recompile PHP on Yosemite via Brew: You’ll have to edit your Apache configuration to use the new PHP installation: There are also some additional WordPress & PHP tools you can install via brew.

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