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Using ChatGPT to Convert LabCorp PDFs into a Google Sheet

The last couple of years I’ve monitored my food, blood levels, etc more closely. It’s a topic for another blog post, but it’s been really interesting to watch how key blood levels have changed over time and reacted to changes in my diet and exercise. I use lab core for all my blood work, and I’ve been relatively happy with them. However, their online portal does not allow you to download a CSV or Excel document of your blood work over time. They only offer a PDF download. This makes it challenging to track your levels over time and understand what’s changing and why due to lifestyle changes. Enter ChatGPT. With the latest vision models, you can use it to extract tabular data from the unstructured PDF that LabCorp provides you…

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Downloading Fidelity Charitable & Cigna Health Records

Similar to my post about Amazon Photos and Wealthfront data extraction, here’s another set of scripts to download data from sites which have terrible interfaces. You can use both of these scripts by opening up the developer console and copy/pasting/executing them. Hopefully it saves someone some time! Download All Cigna Medical Claim PDFs This script will download all medical claim PDFs on Cigna over the last year. First, navigate to the claims summary page. Then set the filter to: view all, last year, for all people. Now execute this script: Here’s more explanation on why this trick works…

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