Hi, I’m Mike Bianco.
Good to meet you! I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, and technologist who is passionate about learning, exploring, and building. Most of my time is spent building web products, spending time outside with my family, or enjoying conversation with good friends. I live in Denver, Colorado and I’m enjoying working at Stripe who acquired my bootstrapped business SuiteSync.

Here’s a bit more about me:

I’m optimistic. I see the glass half-full. I enjoy thinking about the possibility rather than what could go wrong, and I deeply enjoy being around people who think the same way.

I love people. Some of the most fun moments in my life have been meeting new and interesting people and getting to know how they are. Someone once told me that each person is a genius at something and I’ve found that to be very true. It’s a real joy for me to uncover the mastery and unique story of each person.

I’m a reader, and love discussing ideas. I’m a happier person when I’m learning something new. I enjoy reading—books, blogs, etc—and running into random ideas through Twitter, Podcasts, or discussion groups. I always enjoy discussing ideas with thoughtful folks with different perspectives or expertise; those are the conversations I love the most. 

I’m a builder. I find the most satisfaction in life out of building something new. Most of the time, this is building software & businesses. I’ve found that if I’m not actively creating something new, I start to get bored and less productive. I thrive on bringing something new into the world, especially when there’s uncertainty involved.

My marriage and kids come first. I can very easily become obsessed with what I’m working on and get excited about new ideas. Although I often work for long hours with extreme focus, my wife and kids come first. I happily sacrifice career/business growth for my family, although I often get my priorities misaligned.

I’m analytical. My thinking and decision-making process is analytical, not intuitive. Over the years, I’ve come to value intuitive thinking more, but it’s not how I naturally work.

I believe in Jesus. I’ve studied Him and He’s impacted my life personally. Life makes sense with a Christian worldview. 

Get in Touch

I enjoy meeting & helping new people! Introduce yourself at mike@mikebian.co.