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Hi, I’m Mike Bianco.
I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, and technologist. I love building software businesses, there’s nothing more exciting and enjoyable for me. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outside with my family and deep conversations with good friends. I sold my bootstrapped SaaS business to Stripe, worked there for a couple of years, and I’m now working on a new startup. I live in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s more about me:

I’m optimistic. I see the glass half-full. I enjoy thinking about possibilities, rather than what could go wrong. I try to be around people who think the same way.

I love people. The most satisfying moments in my life have been meeting new and interesting people and getting to know who they are. Someone once told me that each person is a genius at something and I’ve found that to be true. It’s a real joy for me to uncover the mastery and unique story each person has.

I’m analytical. My thinking and decision-making process is analytical, not intuitive. Over the years, I’ve come to value intuitive thinking more, but it’s not how I naturally work. I’ll collect data, explore my thoughts through writing, and come to a logical conclusion; I’m not impulsive.

I’m a reader and love discussing ideas. I’m a happier person when I’m learning something new. I enjoy reading—books, blogs, etc.—and running into random ideas through Twitter, Podcasts, or discussion groups. If I’m not learning anything new I get bored quickly (this is why I enjoy software engineering so much, it’s always changing).

Conflict is enjoyable. I always enjoy discussing ideas with thoughtful folks with different perspectives or expertise; those are the conversations I love the most. If I’m around people with the same viewpoint I tend to take a contrarian viewpoint, even if I don’t believe it, just to create conflict and more interesting conversations. 

I’m task driven, to a fault. I get a weird satisfaction out of making a checklist and checking it off. If something wasn’t on a checklist I’ll write it down and cross it out. I don’t like talking about abstract things we could do for too long, I want to start doing them and see where they go.

I’m a builder. I find the most satisfaction in life out of building something new. Most of the time, this is building software & businesses. I’ve found that if I’m not actively creating something new, I start to get bored, less productive, and depressed. I thrive on bringing something new into the world, especially when there’s uncertainty involved.

I enjoy working. Some people don’t, but I do. I experience work as the most interesting and complex game you can play, and I’m happy to sacrifice hobbies and other things in life to spend more time working.

My marriage and kids come first. I can easily become obsessed with what I’m working on. Although I can get lost in my work, I attempt to put my wife and kids first. I will sacrifice career/business growth for the good of my family.

I believe in Jesus. I’ve studied Him and He’s impacted my life personally. Life makes a lot more sense to me with a Christian worldview. I won’t preach at you, but I’ll transparently share my belief system if asked.

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