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How to Close a NetSuite SalesOrder Using SuiteTalk

Many things in NetSuite’s SuiteTalk XML API are not intuitive or obvious: closing a SalesOrder is one of them. When you create a SalesOrder using upsert or add you can set the order_status to _pendingFulfillment or _pendingApproval directly through the order_status field. However, you can’t simply update the order_status field on a SalesOrder to close the record, you need to set is_closed field on each line item in the SalesOrder. Other SalesOrder states work in a similar way: _partiallyFulfilled, _fulfilled, etc are only achieved by modified the item_list sublist or by creating a separate record (ItemFulfillment, Invoice, etc).

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NetSuite SuiteTalk User & Role Edits Are Delayed

If you work with NetSuite’s SuiteTalk API, you know that: You must access the API via employee/user record in NetSuite API calls specify the user role to use You will get different results based on which user and which user role you are accessing the API with. For instance, if the employee record has the “Sales Rep” option checked, all Sales Orders created using that employee/user credentials will have the “Sales Rep” field assigned to the user’s record. Each role has a different set of permissions. You will get different fatal error messages depending on which user role you are operating under. Often, when developing a NetSuite integration, you’ll need to make edits to the SuiteTalk user/employee record or the role…

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Split Shipment Fulfillment with NetSuite

NetSuite natively supports partially fulfilling a SalesOrder. However, updating an ItemFulfillment record (NetSuite’s equivalent to a ‘package’ or ‘shipment’ in other systems nomenclature) after it’s been created comes with some unique edge cases in NetSuite. Here’s the NetSuite state that I was operating in: Sales Order is created. order_status = _partiallyFulfilled An ItemFulfillment exists with ship_status = _picked A CustomerDeposit representing the payment coming from an external system is associated with the SalesOrder The contents of the created ItemFulfillment need to be adjusted and a second ItemFulfillment needs to be created…

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