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Don’t Wait for Change. Attack Yourself.

Change is hard. Challenging the status quo is scary. Hurting “the existing business” is a real concern that has short term consequences. If you don’t attack your own business – whether you’re a consultant, small business, or large corporation – someone else will. Someone else who has the pressure of a smaller budget, the focus of not being distracted by less important projects, or the freedom from red-tape, will make a game changing move. You have to be flexible and bold enough to to replace your legacy business, to create a product or service that will change or possibly destroy your current business model. As the marketing classic The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing states, you have to attack yourself.

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Don’t Sell Inputs. Sell Results.

Work is often valued on the number of hours you put in. It’s complex to price work on a per-project basis. It’s easy to set an hourly rate as opposed to pricing on a per-project basis. However, there is a hard limit to return when working on an hourly basis. I was recently challenged to change the way I value and price my work, this quick comment has triggered a significant paradigm shift over the last week: You have to move to be outcome driven. Stop concentrating on inputs. All that matters is the outcome. Most of the time it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as the goals are met (hopefully surpassed!), timelines hit, and executed within budget constraints…

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