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Depositing Transaction Records in NetSuite

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Moving transactions in NetSuite from "Not Deposited" to "Deposited" is not straightforward when using NetSuite SuiteTalk.

You need to ensure that undocumented requirements for each record type are met. After you’ve validated that your records are properly configured, you can include them in a new deposit using the following structure:

ns_deposit =
ns_deposit.payment_list << {
  deposit: true,
  # internalId of a CashSale, CustomerPayment, CustomerRefund, CustomerDeposit, etc
  id: 123,
  # the amount is not required if the currency of the payment is the same as the currency
  # of the bank account that the deposit is posting to
  payment_amount: 100.0

Note that you don’t need doc, type, or any of the other fields available on the a DepositPayment item. It’s also important to note that the other fields on the DepositPayment don’t actually effect how NetSuite handles the referenced transaction record. deposit, id, and payment_amount are the only fields that matter when referencing a NetSuite transaction on a deposit.