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XASH 1.4

Categories: Software, Web Development

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Following the XTrace 1.1 update is XASH 1.4. This is a smaller release, but still comes with a good number of improvements:

  • Search speed improvements
  • Hitting return with the help tree in focus will open the currently selected page in the help tree
  • Hitting return in the search field will cause the top most search item to open
  • The book filter is now ‘sticky’ (remembers which book you last filtered by)
  • Compiled & tested as a universal binary

Actionscript 3 Support

Alot of people have emailed me asking about support for Actionscript 3. The fact is, I dont use Actionscript 3 yet (don’t do nearly as much Flash work as I did), so I have no desire to add support for Actionscript 3 documentation. The only way support for Actionscript 3 is going to be added is if I get a huge flash job that requires/needs Actionscript 3.

If you want Actionscript 3 support and XASH and think you might be able to add it yourself contact me and I’ll give you access to the SVN repo.

Now with XASH 1.4 & XTrace 1.1 finally released I can start working on releasing the next big improvement to your flash workflow 🙂