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NetSuite Global Search Shortcuts for

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I’ve done a lot of NetSuite development in ruby over the last couple years. It’s very challenging to integrate NetSuite with external applications. During the process of completing several NetSuite integration projects I’ve developed a set of tools and shortcuts to speed up the NetSuite development workflow.

One key tool is search shortcuts for  I have a production and sandbox search shortcut which drops my search query directly in the NetSuite global search bar.

This search shortcut allows me to just type in NetSuite customer number, sales order number etc and jump right to the record in the NetSuite environment. Many times if you go to the NetSuite homepage directly you are required to login again. This makes it incredibly simple to go into the NetSuite environment and find the information you’re looking for.

NetSuite Sandbox Global Search

NetSuite Production Global Search

If you don’t use Alfred, you can use the URLs below to build the search query into other applications:{query}{query}