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NetSuite PHPToolkit & Uncaught Empty Search Results Error

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So far my experience with NetSuite has been less than favorable. Their developer resources aren’t bad, but they aren’t terribly good either. I’m working on a project that involves searching through contacts & selectively modifying contact data based on search results. In some cases the search will return an empty result set – just like any normal search should. I would have thought that the PHP developer kit was mature enough to handle an empty search set, but apparently not. With the most recent "v2009.2" framework I receive the following error when attempting to perform a basic ContactSearchBasic:

PHPtoolkit.php [416]:

Undefined property: stdClass::$pageSize

I’m guessing that most of their third party developers are using .NET or Java which would explain this extreme oversight in the PHP framework. Heck, it might be resulting from some obscure PHP compilation configuration option on my local machine (although I’m doubtful that it is). For those are experiencing the same issue I’ve uploaded a patch which fixes the issue in your PHPToolkit.php file.

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