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A few weeks ago I was searching around trying to decide what documentation system to use in my Actionscript/Flash projects. There are alot of options out there, but these are the ones that I found viable for my situation:

As2api: overall as2api seems like a good solution but I really didn’t like the style of the documentation as2api created and the os x binary didn’t seem to work on os x.

AS2Doc: looks like a good package, but it costs money; I cant see paying for something that has a free alternative which has very similar functionality. I’d rather donate to an open-source project.

VisDoc: looked really nice– exactly what I was looking for, I was very close to buying it until I saw NaturalDocs.

NaturalDocs: this turned out to be my final choice. NaturalDocs is OSS written in pearl so it will run on any OS that supports pearl. Using NaturalDocs is easy enough and it produces very nice looking documentation. The only downside is that currently it does not support JavaDoc style comments (this is on NaturalDocs to-do list), but this really wasn’t a big deal since learning NaturalDoc style commenting was very easy.