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How to Find the NetSuite Web Services Account Number

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Finding the account number for NetSuite’s SuiteTalk WebService API isn’t very straightforward. This number is required for any applications with connect to NetSuite via their SuiteTalk API.

Navigate to the SuiteTalk preferences via "Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences", by searching for "page: Web Services Preferences" in the global search bar, or by visiting this URL (may not work depending on your NetSuite data center). You’ll see the following screen containing the Account Number (also called the Account ID):

2015-10-01 at 3.03 PM

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The account number is not always a number. It can be a string of letters.
  • A sandbox and production account number is identical
  • The “Disable Service SuiteScript and Workflow Triggers” checkbox can have massive effects on your SuiteTalk integration. SuiteScripts and Workflows can trigger fatal errors in your SuiteTalk calls which are impossible to debug without diving into the SuiteScripts embedded within a NetSuite instance.