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CSS Optimizer 1.0

Categories: Software, Web Development

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I finally found some time to get CSS Optimizer 1.0 released to the public. The 1.0 release brings with it alot of changes:

  • Adding support for the “”}”” hack outlined here:
  • Added processing css from the standard input (-i option)
  • Added outputting processed css to the standard output (-o option)
  • Added -q (quiet) option
  • Code cleanup & optimization
  • Updated manual/reame now in HTML
  • Online version of CSS Optimizer at:
  • CSS un-compressor at:
  • Exit codes are now predictable. CSS Optimizer uses standard error codes specified in <sysexits.h>
  • Linux version now availible

This will be the last release of CSS Optimizer unless some bugs I didn’t catch pop-up. CSS Optimizer X 1.1 release will be following soon.


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