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Best CSS Compression Around: CSS Optimizer 1.1

Categories: Software, Web Development

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After almost four years I’ve released the next – and possibly the last for a very long while – version of CSS Optimizer. Aside from minor optimizations, I’ve fixed the last remaining parser bug having to do with “font: 62.5%/1.2em”. I haven’t yet updated the GUI application, but the command line application for linux and os x is updated. I’ve also fixed all issues with the online web css optimizer. Also a little while ago I added a css optimizer web service to allow easier integration to custom automation systems.

I’ve tested CSS Optimizer against some of the newer CSS optimizers such as YUI compressor as well as other online compressors and CSS Optimizer has always come out on top. I’m not one to claim having the “best of” something but I’ve tested many CSS files and CSS Optimizer has always created smaller files and is easy to integrate into any production script/automation system.