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App Stop 1.0!

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I’m very happy to announce the release of App Stop 1.0!
This release encompasses months worth of work and hopefully makes for a very solid 1.0 release for App Stop.

The following fixes & changes have been made:

  • Added right click menu to the table view
  • Fixed bug where after the computer goes to sleep, the menu icon will not change to represent if their is a paused application
  • Added option to use a black menu icon set
  • Combined the image & name columns in the table view
  • Rewrote outputting from authnice so integers are directly outputted, instead of being converted back and forth between C strings
  • App Stop now requires that you successfully authorize yourself, or app stop will terminate
  • App Stop is now multi-account safe
  • Added ‘App Stop Help’ menu item
  • Some UI clean-up/polishing
  • Made a workaround for the weird crashing bug on 10.3, you now have to restart App Stop for preference changes in the ‘Background Processes’ tab to take effect
  • Greatly improved help/documentation

Remember to send any bug reports & feature requests to me.

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