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WWDC Announcement Thoughts

Categories: Apple, Cocoa

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The announcements this year are not as impressive as last year. Probably the most exciting thing for most people this year is the new Mac Pro: 16GB of RAM, 2TB of storage, dual 64 bit 3GHZ processors. Wow, I want one.

I am sort of disappointed with the end-user Leopard features. The time machine idea sounds and looks cool, but I’m wondering how useful it will be and how much it will slow down my computer. The improvements to iChat are very welcome, and the screen sharing feature looks incredible. Spaces looks awesome, finally we are going to get built in virtual desktops. I really don’t use Dashboard or iCal, so changes to those areas of the OS don’t really affect me. I currently don’t use Spotlight because of its sluggishness (Butler is much faster for my needs), so hopefully it’ll become useful with boolean search queries and hopefully some speed boosts.

The real exciting announcements are on this page. Code folding, Xcode 3.0, improved interface builder, xRay, project snapshots, obj-c 2.0 (with garbage collection! I really never thought that would happen). Cant wait to get my hands on this stuff. Apple has also decided to open-source some more parts of its OS, this is awesome news and I hope this trend continues.