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Working on Your Life vs In Your Life

Categories: Productivity

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I’m reading the E-Myth Revisited. One of the key concepts is the idea of working on your business instead of in your business. In other words, working on streamlining the process that you or your employees use to create the product or execute the service rather than actually performing the service or creating the product.

Without improving the system you can’t scale the outcome. You’ll be a slave to an undefined process that you can’t delegate.

The same principal applies to my personal life. I need to work on improving the systems an processes that I use to run my life. Working on my life, not just living it.

Here are a couple examples:

  • Where am I wasting time? What tasks or processes are time consuming but necessary? Automating the purchase of recurring consumables (like toothpaste) was one that fell into the category for me.
  • Where is there a lack of a clear process? For me, my morning routine needed tweaking. Writing down an explicit morning routine has helped bring clarity and focus to what I want my mornings to look like.
  • Is there a lack of focus? Define your goals. Create your own personal “job description” to give yourself the permission to say no to what doesn’t align with your personal mission.