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Web Optimizer V .5b Release

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I’m almost done customizing the blog and creating this site (IE users beware, theres a few display glitches for you guys), over the next few days/weeks you’ll probably see alot of content added.
I’ve been working on a small application I call ‘Web Optimizer’. Its a command line application that strips a CSS file of all uneeded characters. This reduces the file-size dramatically, 20%-60%, and also makes it very hard for someone to understand your CSS code. In addition to stripping uneeded chars from the file, the application also converts long-hand CSS properties to short-hand CSS properties. Full implementation of ‘the long-to-short’ isn’t complete, only ‘font:’ and ‘background:’ shorthand properties are supported. Check out the Product Page for more info. This software is created by me, is open-source and is totally free.