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The Feeling of Fast

Categories: Leadership

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Momentum is a powerful force. Once you are moving it’s easier to get keep moving. If you’ve already crossed off an item or two on a less-than-ten-item todo list, you’ll be able to get the rest of the tasks done faster.

The perception of speed is sometimes more important than your absolute speed. I’ve found that the “feeling of fast” creates the momentum that drives effective execution.

It’s worth spending the time and money to optimize various aspects of your work & life in order to create a feeling of moving quickly.

For example:

  • A faster computer or phone reduces friction and makes it feel like you are getting more done.
  • Using more keyboard shortcuts, or writing tools to automate repetitive tasks, can increase your velocity.
  • Getting a treadmill desk can literally create the feeling that you are moving quickly.
  • Using a VA to offload tasks which are time-consuming, boring, and uninteresting can make it seem like you got them off your plate quickly.
  • If you have a tendency, as I do, to analyze small decisions too much making a decision within a pre-determined time-box can keep you moving quickly.
  • If you are constantly refilling your Brita water filter, buy an under-the-sink filter with a reservoir so you’ll never need to wait for water to filter.

Think about what is annoying, what makes you feel slow, and improve it. It’s worth the up-front investment.