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Task Manager

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Today I departed on a search for a task manager (AKA To-Do list) for os x that would suite my fancy. I guess I’m pretty picky because I didn’t really find anything computer application I really liked. Most of the applications I found were either too tied to iCal (which I don’t use at all), made 2+ years ago and haven’t been updated since, just to complicated to be simply a glorified to-do list, or just plain ugly to look at. I guess I’m more picky than most when it comes to Mac applications: I want a great looking fully functional Cocoa based mac application.

My search finally ended, but instead of finding a mac application to suite my needs, I found a nifty little web-application; GTDTiddlyWiki. Now I guess this Javascript based wiki isn’t a web-application per-say since it is meant to be run locally on your computer and is totally self contained having no connections with any sort of external database of service. In any case GTDTiddlyWiki is a great way to organize and keep track of your tasks and thoughts.

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