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Everything has been successfully switched over to the new Dreamhost server! So far so good, the only gotcha I came across was that Dreamhost has disabled allow_url_fopen for security reasons, so including files in this fashion would not work, all paths had to be relative:
[code lang=”php”][/code]
I ended up adding the root server directory to include_path to allow me to reffer to files with an absolute filepath without using the

Other than that everything went pretty well, Dreamhost has a very extensive k-base and wiki which helped me very quikly resolve other small issues that I came across. As you may have noticed, theres a good bunch of changes made to the site:

  • Source section has be reconstructed, rendering issues on IE and FF have been resolved. Additionally PHP source code is now nicely displayed with colors!
  • Some CSS issues with text-size and link coloring have been fixed
  • The structure of pages has been redone to easily allow for a future redesign
  • Lots of additions have been made to CSS Optimizer. There is now a online version of CSS Optimizer, and a new online CSS Uncompresser (or reformatter, whatever you want to call it). Both online CSS tools are powered by Sajax, which makes communicating to PHP via AJAX incredibly simple.
  • Upgraded WordPress to the latest version
  • Added a WordPress plugin for code highlighting

If you notice any problems with any section of the site let me know.

I have a bunch of stuff I’m working on, CSS Optimizer 1.0 is almost ready for release, App Stop 1.1 is also almost ready for release, and a new project is also almost ready to be released. I’ll hopefully release everything over the next few weeks!

I’m getting alot of comment spam, probably about 100-200 a week. I currently am manually moderating them through WordPress. I’ve read about a few ways to reduce comment spam but was wondering if anybody solution. Leave a comment, or shoot me an email if you’ve found a method that has worked well.