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What I’m Looking for From Platform Conference 2014

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I have the amazing opportunity to attend Michael Hyatt’s platform conference. I’ve followed Michael Hyatt for many years ago – I’ve read his books, blog posts, and religiously listened to his podcast.

I’m a big fan.

Although in a web application and website developer by trade, I love marketing. I’ve made learning marketing a priority over the last year and I’m excited to dive into a full two day conference dedicated to building an online platform and an online business.

Here’s what I’m looking for from the conference.


I’m a horrible speller. I got a 10% on the state spelling exam in high school. However, I love the craft of communicating ideas and grabbing someone’s attention.

  • How to effectively test multiple headlines?
  • Best places to go for example copy
  • Basic principals to get marketing copy 80% there
  • Authentic vs authoritative vs fun. How do others balance this?

Traffic Analysis & Product Pricing

I studied math in college. I work with data structures all day. I get numbers quickly and can easily connect the dots.

Knowing what to track and how to interpret metrics for an online business is not a science it’s and art, I hope to glean the basics:

  • Different models and the economics behind them
  • Psychology of pricing and value
  • What are the major categories of analyzing traffic


I love tools. Websites, apps, icon packs, services. I’m all about it. I love optimizing my productivity.

I’ve always loved The Setup and Dribbble’s Timeouts.

I’m excited to generate a list of tools and tricks that can help move the needle.


This is the main reason I’m attending the conference. I’m super excited to meet all of the people in Michael Hyatt’s tribe. The Twitter feed is already filled with some stellar people. Can’t wait to meet everyone.

I’ll be writing on each of these topics during and after the conference. Follow along and let me know if you have any questions you have – I’ll try to get an answer for you!