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Interrogate Your Reactions, Change Your Perspective

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It’s easy to be negative, to feel busy, to perceive the current situation as mundane. Part of the reason that people that are consistently positive are often so enlivening is because it’s hard to be positive over the long term. It’s refreshing to meet those who are able to remain positive and magnanimous.

My internal response to situations and tasks that arise can often expose thinking that needs to change. My reaction to when a client doesn’t understand a concept “yet again”, or when I feel like I just have to “deal with” a flaw in a friendship work relationship is a key indicator of where and what I need to change.

I’ve been attempting to interpret those reactions through a lens that forces me to act intentionally in situations rather than run off a knee jerk reaction. I believe strongly that altering my perspective and response to situations can have enormous effects in all aspects of my life. Here’s an example of how I’m challenging myself:

  • Looking at a frustrating situation as a challenge in how to navigate it with ease and effectiveness
  • Looking at an extensive task list as an opportunity to sharpen skills and achieve a goal
  • Approaching every challenge as an opportunity for character growth
  • Viewing character growth as an adventure in learning
  • Approaching any coaching, or repeated conversations as an opportunity in learning to speak & teach
  • Looking at life as an adventure full of opportunity rather than a list of tasks, requirements, and frustrations.