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iDictionary 1.1 Released

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iDictionary 1.1 has just been released, new features include:

  • iDictionary Lite has been merged into iDictionary, this means that if you don’t own a license you can still use iDictionary; but, your dictionaries will be restricted to letters a-z.
  • Added “Created Dictionaries” window. You can now view and select all previously created dictionaries to easily copy them to your iPod. The “Created Dictionaries” window also features a “Reveal in Finder” function which allows you to see where the selected dictionary is located on your computer.
  • User interface improvements to the dictionary & iPod selection tables
  • “Under-the-hood” improvements to the iDictionary code base.

You find a little more detail about the release on the new Prosit Blog.
Also, from now on, all announcements of Prosit Software related stuff be will announced on that blog, there will be no more shameless self promotion on this blog! Yay!