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CSS Optimizer .7 Released!

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After lots of hard work, I’ve finally finished CSS Optimizer V.7. Improvements in this version include:

  • Recursive directory searching support. Specify a directory and use the -r option to optimize all the CSS files contained in the specified folder.
  • Much better filesystem support.
  • New -s & -n options.
  • Better command line argument parser.

Download it here. Read the readme that comes with the application for more information on how it works. All the source code is now available for download, if you compile it for windows or linux please send me the binary so i can post it on the product page.

Recently, I came across On his site he has an application called JSMin, which does the same thing as CSS Optimizer; just for javascript. He also has an application called JSLint, which looks like a javascript syntax checker. Interesting stuff!

I’ve also (finally!) added the Source page, I hope to add more to it as time allows.