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Color Blender 1.1

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I came across a couple bugs in my Color Blender application while using it to create a web-site. The hex values of the colors were always off a little bit from what they should be, and when I selected colors using the “eye dropper” tool (or “eyeglass” tool in Apple’s case) the RGB & hex values always seemed to be shifted a little too. While fixing the problem I figured I’d add a few new features. Heres a list of what’s changed in this version:

  • Fixed color space handling, Color Blender now accurately displays colors RGB & hex values no-matter what color space the color is in
  • Fixed some RGB rounding issues that would cause RGB values to be off by a 1 sometimes
  • The color blender window can be opened from the Window menu if it was closed
  • The color blender window is automatically brought to the front when the application is activated
  • Built as a Universal Binary, though its totally untested on intel macs (if you have a intel mac please email me!)