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Wow, those engineers at Macromedia must really be coding hard. Less than 2 months after Flash 8 was released we now have Flash Player 8.5 and AS3. I cant keep up with all these new technologies. 😛

I looked through the AS3 FAQ and all the new features are very exciting. AS is really moving towards being a full featured language like Java or C. We now have types such as int, uint and variable identifiers such as const- sweet. Flash 8.5 (finally!) has a regular expression class, why did it take them so long to add this? Lots of additional classes have been added, AS3 is looking more like a framework like Cocoa; very cool. We’ll have to wait a year or two before we can start using all these new features, which is fine since it will take me that long to learn them all 🙂

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