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App Stop .8 Released!

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App Stop version .8 has just been released, it includes the following new features/enchancements:

  • Fixed bug where CPU usage for applications running as root would display incorrectly, now applications running as root will display CPU usage as -1
  • Added ability to force update CPU usage
  • Added ability to select all running applications
  • Added ability to select all paused applications
  • Rewrote the CPU refresh timer code, now allowing preference changes to be reflected immediatly without restarting App Stop
  • Fixed human readable priority representation. Now -20 is represented like it should be, as “Max”
  • Added ‘Add to Startup Items’ options in the preferences
  • Yet again, I redesigned the preference pane
  • Fixed bad bug which would cause App Stop to crash… alot
  • Added ability to set the table view window to float above all other windows
  • Added option to have an alternate image displayed in the menu bar when applications are paused