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Almost There: App Stop V2.0

Categories: Cocoa, Software

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After many months of development I’m happy to announce that App Stop V2.0 is almost done and will be released, by the latest, in two weeks.

The main changes in App Stop V2 are under the hood. Almost the entire code base has been rewritten. This fixes the two major issues with App Stop 1.1: performance, and Intel incompatibility. App Stop is 2-5x faster and now runs on Intel based Macs. Of course App Stop V2 will also come with a slew of enhancements, UI tweaks, and bug fixes; but the main focus for this release was performance and Intel compatibility.

Keep checking the blog for updates, but in the meantime here is the new ‘table view’ (now called the Application Manager) in App Stop V2.

App Stop V2 Application Manager